10 Ridiculous Scams On the Rise – That Are Fooling Millions of Americans

It’s really unfortunate, but scams are now a part of our society. They’re so common that if you’ve never been tricked, you probably know someone who has been.

10 Ridiculous Scams On the Rise
10 Ridiculous Scams On the Rise / Credit – Pexels

Some scams are smartly planned, while others are just silly and should be easy to spot. But surprisingly, people still fall for them. Thankfully, a group of people online shared a list of these ridiculous scams that people still get fooled by. Here are some of them:

IRS Gift Card Trick

Imagine paying your bills using Apple Gift Cards! There’s a scam where someone pretends to be from the IRS and says you can use gift cards to pay overdue taxes or fees. But really, why would the IRS ask for gift cards? It’s quite strange, yet people fall for it.

Grandkids in Trouble

One person tells a tale: “As a teller manager, I have seen a few elderly clients who truly believe their grandchildren are in jail and want the withdrawal of $20,000 in cash to bail them out. Tell them to contact their grandchildren in front of me and that they are falling for a scam. Naturally, the youngster responds next.

The con artist tricks grandparents into thinking their grandchildren are in jail and that they must pay a cash bail to get them out. Playing on elders’ intelligence isn’t fair, is it?

Get Rich Quick Lies

Some scams promise you’ll get rich quickly. They sound amazing, but they’re usually too good to be true. You have to wonder why people still fall for these. Maybe it’s because they’re really hoping for a miracle.

Magic Weight Loss

Losing weight by clicking a link or using a special pill? Sounds like a dream, right? But think about it – those ads promising quick weight loss are usually just trying to take your money.

Fake Computer Virus Warnings

Do you know about the fake computer virus? “Hello, this is John White,” they write. From Windows Technical Support, this is me. It has been reported to us that your machine has a lot of problems and perhaps a virus.

Fake Computer Virus Warnings
Fake Computer Virus Warnings / Credit – Pexels

A pop-up warning that your phone or PC has a virus can be a hoax. Please don’t be duped by it. You might be prompted to pay a price to purchase the software if you click the link.

The Free Vacation Trap

Ever been told you won a free vacation? It might not be true. Scammers call or text and say you need to pay fees to claim the prize. They might even steal your personal info.

Dating App Deception

On a daily basis, an increasing number of people are being duped on dating websites. You meet the ideal woman who fulfills all of your fantasies, but she is poor and needs money to purchase a plane ticket to meet you. Her mother is also ill and in need of funds to finish her treatment. Hear this: it’s unlikely that your real love is defrauding you.

Dating App Deception
Dating App Deception / Credit – Pexels

Romance Scams

Unlike dating apps, this scam is more intimate and can happen anywhere. Scammers tend to be patient with this form of scam. Contributor provides the perspective of a colleague:

“My coworker, who became a widow three years ago, spoke with a man she met online for more than a year. He claims to have a residence in a posh area of the nearby city. He is constructing a bridge in Dubai, so they haven’t actually met in person. He intended to return for Christmas, but flights were exceedingly pricey. This is a romance scam, I’m very convinced of it.”

With this one, internet strangers are now being trusted. Strangers they’ve never actually met. Sadly, a lot of elderly individuals fall victim to these romantic scams and give up their assets and 401(k) to the con artist who claims to love them.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Trickery

Some scams get you to bring in more people to scam them too. They promise riches, but you need to recruit others. Be careful if someone offers you a “small business opportunity.”

Fake Lottery Wins

You might get a call saying you won a lottery you never entered. But to claim your prize, you have to pay fees. It’s all fake.

Remember, it’s important to be cautious online, ask questions, and do research before you believe or invest in anything.

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