11 Things That Stores Struggle To Keep in Stock

After a lot of problems, it seems like broken supply chains are getting better. But the future of these delicate global supply chains is tricky because of climate change and not having enough workers. This could lead to more confusion for shoppers.

11 Things That Stores Struggle To Keep in Stock
11 Things That Stores Struggle To Keep in Stock (Credit – Shutterstock.com)

Supply chain problems are still happening, so let’s talk about what you can do to avoid having empty store shelves and paying more.

Why Supply Chain Problems Keep Happening

Sometimes, popular things might not be available for a short time, but supply problems might last a long time for worldwide trade.

Different supply chain issues have come together to create a big problem for consumers. These issues include troubles at factories, weak global supply chains, not enough production capacity, climate change, and not having enough workers and truck drivers. This has caused a big problem for shoppers. Even though we might not see completely empty shelves, the supply chain issue is still around.

It might take a long time, maybe years, to fix the shortage problem, especially in the semiconductor industry. This industry makes things like cars, smartphones, computers, and cameras.

We can’t always know when certain products will be available again, but you can buy some things now to avoid big demand later.

Products Affected by Supply Chain Problems

These are some products that might be hard to find because of supply chain problems, not having enough workers, and a lot of people wanting them in the next few months.


  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Oils like sunflower oil
  • Tomato products
  • Milk
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Sugar
  • Things for canning food


Electric vehicles
Computers and smartphones

11 Things You Should Get Now To Avoid Problems Later

But don’t panic and buy too much all at once. If a lot of people buy things suddenly, it can mess up the supply chain, like when everyone bought all the toilet paper in 2020.

It’s a good idea to buy a little extra or shop early, but not so much that other people can’t find what they need.

Because of news that Russia won’t keep sending wheat out of the area in Ukraine where there’s a conflict, the price of wheat and corn went up. There are fears that there may not be enough.
If there’s not enough grain, it won’t just affect bread and flour, but also things like pasta and crackers.

Ukraine also gives a lot of corn to the world. Even though we don’t expect a big shortage, there could be some problems keeping a steady supply because Russia is causing issues with shipments.
Corn is important in many foods in the U.S., like cereals and tortillas, so getting some now might be a good idea.

Oils like Sunflower Oil
Besides grain and corn, Ukraine also makes a lot of sunflower oil that goes to the world.
Because of drought, other oils like soybean and palm oil are in demand because they can replace sunflower oil.

Tomato Products
California is having trouble growing enough tomatoes because of extreme drought. Even in India, where tomatoes are really important, there’s not enough.
That means tomato things like salsa, marinara sauce, and ketchup might cost more. If you buy extra now, you might save money later.

Farmers say that like with eggs, there might not be enough workers and supplies for milk soon.
In the meantime, you can try milk alternatives made from plants. You could buy a few and see if you like them as much as regular milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Sriracha Sauce
There wasn’t a lot of chili peppers in Thailand last year, so there’s not enough Sriracha sauce. But if you’re okay trying other sauces, there are alternatives you can find.
If you really love Huy Fong’s Sriracha sauce, you could buy some extra and it’ll still be good for a couple of years in the fridge.

If you love sweet things, you might not like hearing that there could be less sugar.
It started in the Philippines where not enough sugar was made in 2022. Traders are also holding onto sugar to make the price go up. Now, big sugar-making countries like India and Brazil are keeping more sugar for themselves.

Prescription Medications
It’s worrying that there might not be enough common medicines like antibiotics and antivirals. This is because a lot more people need them.
You can’t always get extra medicine, but you can keep an eye on how much you have and make sure you get more before you run out.

Canning Supplies
Saving food for later has become popular again because of the pandemic. If you want to start growing and canning your food, you might have trouble finding the things you need, like jars and lids.
This happened before in 1975 when a lot of people started gardening.

Here are other products that are having problems with the supply chain.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
People are talking a lot about electric cars, but there might not be enough materials to make them. A big car company even had to stop making cars because they didn’t have enough of the things they needed.
The problem is that there’s not enough of some materials like graphite and nickel for the batteries.

Computers and Smartphones
The U.S. is trying to fix the problem of not having enough computer parts, but it will take time. Right now, there’s not enough of these parts, called semiconductors, which are in everything from phones to airplanes.
Even credit cards are affected. If your card is almost expired, you might need to ask the bank to send you a new one.

Other Problems That Might Affect Us in 2023 and Beyond

You can’t really stock up on people working, but it’s important to know that not having enough workers and strikes will cause problems for many industries. There are fears that there may not be enough.

From TV and streaming services to shipping and trucking companies, everyone will feel the impact.

There’s also a big problem with not having enough important medicines in the U.S. This affects hospitals and treatments for things like cancer.

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