17 Common Kitchen Mistakes We Know You’re Making

People have different ways of cooking. Some cook meals from scratch every day, while others use shortcuts and ready-made ingredients. Cooking styles vary around the world, with different flavors and methods. At Delish, we believe you can learn from any cooking style, whether it’s fancy or simple.

17 Common Kitchen Mistakes
17 Common Kitchen Mistakes /  Getty Images

But there are some things that are just not right. We’ve seen these mistakes in other people’s kitchens, and we’ve made them too. Some mistakes happen because of carelessness or old habits. However, there are kitchen errors that should never happen.

These  are the 17 Common Kitchen Mistakes

We’ve gathered 17 of the biggest mistakes people make while cooking. So, when you go shopping or start cooking, you can make better and safer choices. Did we miss any mistakes? Tell us in the comments!

1. Overcrowding the Pan

Food has water that comes out while cooking. Leaving space between pieces lets the water evaporate. But when you crowd the pan, the water stays and food boils. Not yummy.

2. Putting Tomatoes in the Fridge

If you’ve noticed tomatoes turning weird, it’s because you put them in the fridge. Cold temperatures change their texture. Remember what our video director Julia Smith said: “Don’t do that.”

3. Cooking Cold Steak

Meat needs to warm up a bit before grilling. Going from cold to hot quickly makes meat tough and unevenly cooked.

4. Not Getting Ready Before Cooking

It might seem like a good idea to cut veggies and measure ingredients while cooking, but it’s actually better to do it before. Otherwise, your kitchen gets messy and you get stressed. So, please chop your veggies before turning on the stove.

5. Putting Raw Meat on the Top Fridge Shelf

Nothing makes your fresh vegetables taste less delightful than raw beef fluids dripping onto them. Place it on a dish or tray and put it on the bottom shelf.

6. Washing Berries Right Away

Berries do really need to be cleaned. However, you ought to just wash them right before you eat. Even while you’re removing the obvious dirt, you’re also adding a lot of moisture, which will hasten the ripening of the fruit.

7. Adding Oil to Pasta Water

Salt is good for pasta water, but oil isn’t. Oil doesn’t stop noodles from sticking and just goes down the drain, wasting it.

8. Stirring Too Much

If you want nicely browned meat and veggies, let them cook without stirring. Too much stirring makes food sad and not tasty. So, let your food be.

9. Using Dull Knives

Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones. Cutting with a dull knife is risky. You can get your knives sharpened at stores.

10. Ignoring Crumbs in Drawers & Cabinets

Crumbs are in your kitchen, even if you can’t see them. Not cleaning them invites pests. No one wants that.

11. Grinding Your Salt

Salt doesn’t lose flavor when ground. Fancy salt mills are unnecessary. Just use Kosher salt.

12. Using Iodized Salt Wrongly

Check the small print if you’ve ever followed a recipe only to have it taste like a salt bomb. The majority of recipes call for kosher salt, which has a much lower salt content than an equivalent amount of iodized table salt. If you’re not careful, they can entirely sabotage your supper preparations and are in no way interchangeable.

13. Not Labeling Leftovers

Don’t eat old food. Use tape to label leftovers with the date. If it’s been more than four days, throw it out.

14. Buying Ground Black Pepper

Ground spices lose flavor fast. Pre-ground pepper loses taste on the shelf and in your pantry.

15. Using Oven Thermometer

I’m sorry to break the news to you, but your oven’s built-in thermometer is inoperable (even if you just recently purchased a fancy one). They are consistently wrong, whether the error is minor or significant. Purchase a different thermometer to keep inside your oven to prevent those mistakes.

16. Not Washing Oven Mitts

Oven mitts get dirty too. They need cleaning to avoid germs getting on your food.

17. Using Pre-Shredded Cheese

Pre-shredded cheese has additives that affect taste and texture. It’s easy but not as good.

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