20 Mistakes You’re Making Around Your House That You’ll Wish You Realized Sooner

Taking care of your home can feel like a huge task when you’re already busy. However, there are plenty of clever solutions that can make home maintenance surprisingly simple. Think about efficient systems that help you with laundry and remembering to deal with dirty dishes.

20 Mistakes You're Making Around Your House
20 Mistakes You’re Making Around Your House

In this collection of 20 affordable and easy ideas, you’ll discover tips to keep your plants alive while you’re away and tricks to make your living space cozy and inviting.

Mistake: Allowing Fruit Flies to Build Up

Solution: Highly Effective Fruit Fly Trap

Leaving your fruit bowl out often attracts those annoying fruit flies. This fruit fly trap is an excellent solution. It lures the flying bugs with a UV light and traps them using sticky cards—no need for chemicals or bad smells. It has gained over 60,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Mistake: Neglecting Dusty Screens

Solution: 2-In-1 Window Screen Cleaning Brush

Don’t let dirt and dust accumulate on your window screens. Try this convenient 2-in-1 cleaning brush designed for screens. It works wet or dry, making it easy to keep your screens clean. You can rinse the mesh fabric for reuse.

Mistake: Overlooking Cleaning of Items like Phones & Keys

Solution: UV Sanitizing Case That Kills 99.9% of Germs in a Minute

Introducing a UV light sanitizer for phones and other items. This handy case eliminates almost all bacteria and viruses in just 30 seconds per side. It’s also great for jewelry, glasses, keys, and more. Plus, it stays charged for up to 70 uses.

Mistake: No Proper Indoor Shoe Storage

Solution: Easy-to-assemble freestanding Shoe Organizer

Get your footwear organized with this practical shoe organizer. It has six roomy sections that make grabbing a pair easy. It’s not just for shoes – it’s great for storing socks, ties, toys, and more. And the best part? No need for tools during assembly.

Mistake: Disorganized Fridge

Solution: Clear Stackable Bins for Efficient Space Use

Bring order to your fridge, freezer, and pantry shelves with these clear storage bins. This set of eight includes four large and four medium bins. The side handles make moving items a breeze.

Mistake: Using Regular Lightbulbs

Solution: Color-Changing Pack of Smart Light Bulbs

Transform your home with these versatile smart light bulbs. Besides saving energy, they offer remote control and color customization. Choose from millions of colors to create the ideal atmosphere.

Mistake: Improper Toothbrush Storage

Solution: Toothbrush Holder for Up To Four Brushes

Keep your toothbrushes off dirty surfaces with this holder. It accommodates four brushes and even has a large slot for toothpaste. Rubber pads keep things stable, and the vented bottom prevents buildup.

Mistake: Neglecting Dusty Ceiling Fans

Solution: Microfiber Duster with Extendable Pole

Microfiber Duster with Extendable Pole
Microfiber Duster with Extendable Pole

Don’t let dust gather on your ceiling fans. This extendable duster can reach high spots easily. The flexible microfiber head makes cleaning at any angle simple. Plus, it’s washable and reusable.

Mistake: Forgetting Carbon Monoxide Detector

Solution: User-friendly detector with Alarm

Safety first! This reliable carbon monoxide detector has garnered over 22,000 five-star reviews. It sounds a loud alarm if it detects any dangerous CO levels.

Mistake: Buying Cleaners Instead of Making Them

Solution: Affordable Set of Spray Bottles

These affordable spray bottles are perfect for making your own cleaning solutions. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also safer for your home environment. The bottles are leak-proof and come with adjustable nozzles.

Mistake: Letting Rugs Curl Up

Solution: Rug Tape to Prevent Slips & Trips

Say goodbye to curled-up rugs with this special tape. It keeps carpets and rugs in place and works on various types of flooring.

Mistake: Not Using Rugs for Warmth

Solution: Cozy Fluffy Rug in Nine Colors

Warm up any room with this soft area rug. With different sizes and colors available, it’s a simple way to add comfort and style to your space.

Mistake: Plastic Bag Clutter

Solution: Wall-Mounted Plastic Bag Storage Container

Get organized and eco-friendly with this bag storage container. It keeps your plastic bags in check and prevents them from piling up. Plus, it looks good and resists fingerprints.

Mistake: Forgetting to Water Houseplants

Solution: Top-rated self-watering Globes

Don’t worry about forgetting to water your plants with these self-watering globes. They deliver the right amount of water to your plants for up to two weeks.

Mistake: Dish Confusion

Solution: Stainless Steel Magnet to Determine Dish Status

Stop the guesswork about dirty or clean dishes with this handy dishwasher magnet. It works on all types of dishwashers and is both peel-proof and waterproof.

Mistake: Cat Litter Everywhere

Solution: Mat to Protect Floors from Cat Litter

Protect your floors from litter with this soft, durable mat. It traps litter from your cat’s paws, preventing it from scattering around your home.

Mistake: Kitchen Splatter

Solution: Stainless Steel Grease Splatter Guard

Keep your kitchen clean from oil splatters with this stainless steel screen. It’s a best-seller with over 26,000 five-star reviews and fits various cookware.

Mistake: Neglecting Dryer Lint

Solution: Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit for Lint Buildup

Maintain your dryer’s performance and safety with this cleaning kit. It includes a brush head and flexible rods to clean lint buildup, which can be a fire hazard.

Mistake: Messy Brooms and Mops

Solution: Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Organize your brooms and mops with this wall-mounted tool organizer. It’s highly rated and designed to securely hold your cleaning supplies.

Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer for Cleaning Supplies
Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Mistake: Temperature Control

Solution: Best-Selling Weighted Blanket for Cozy Comfort

Keep warm without cranking up the heat with this popular weighted blanket. It’s available in different sizes and weights for comfort and relaxation.

These paraphrased explanations offer clear insights into the solutions provided for common home maintenance challenges.

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