8 Kitchen Shortcuts People Wish They Would Have Never Taken In The Kitchen

8 Kitchen Shortcuts: With all these clever tricks and ways to make cooking easier, we now spend less time cooking meals than before. For example, you can buy ready-made pasta or even whole frozen meals, making your favorite dishes more quickly.

8 Kitchen Shortcuts
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There are 8 Kitchen Shortcuts

Someone on the internet asked, “What’s a cooking shortcut you should never use?” This led to a big discussion. Here are the main things people said:

Don’t Use Dull Knives

  • One gourmand offered the advice, “Never use a dull knife.”
  • And if you love having fingertips, use extreme caution when handling the very pointy ones.
  • People who don’t cook frequently don’t realize how using a dull knife is WAY more dangerous than using a sharp knife, one foodie commented on knife safety.
  • However, dull knives frequently slip through the food you are cooking, increasing the likelihood of cuts.

Be Careful When Heating Onions

Be Careful When Heating Onions
  • “Do not turn up the heat on those onions,” a foodie advised. “They will not caramelize faster, and they will toast and burn.”
  • This one may seem obvious, but it might be better as an idea than in actuality until you manage to lose the onions in your meal.

Keep Things Clean and Hygienic

Keep Things Clean and Hygienic
Keep Things Clean and Hygienic
  • Don’t open things with liquids over the sink.
  • Wash your hands with hot water and soap after handling raw foods.

Check Your Yeast

  • Always check if the yeast is alive before using it in your cooking. Skipping this step can ruin your dish.

Use a Double Boiler for Melting Chocolate

  • You can only imagine how irritating it can be if you’ve ever attempted melting chocolate. Not using a double boiler, a foodie said.

Clean Your Cutting Board

Clean Your Cutting Board
Clean Your Cutting Board
  • Always clean your cutting board, even if it’s wood or you’ve only used it once. Skipping this can lead to problems.

Don’t Rush Softening Butter

Don't Rush Softening Butter
Don’t Rush Softening Butter
  • Messing with butter’s softening, as one gourmand put it. Simply take a seat and wait. Avoid rushing because the microwave is too unpredictable.
  • A solution was provided by a culinary enthusiast: “I have had good luck standing a stick of butter on edge, still in its paper, and microwave for 15 seconds.
  • That method has not caused any melting butter to pool, and it is still soft enough for most applications.

Thaw Ingredients Properly

  • To properly thaw items, a foodie said. We have to agree with them here, as failing to do so properly might result in a variety of issues, including beginning to cook partially frozen meat or just partially thawing the dish before cooking.

So, remember these tips to make your cooking better and safer!

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