A busy cardiologist lost 30 pounds with this 3-day strength training routine

When Dr. Amar Shere, a cardiologist, aimed to enhance his health last year to become a better role model for his patients, he recognized that his demanding schedule prevented him from spending extended hours at the gym.

However, through a suitable workout regimen and diet, he succeeded in shedding 30 pounds and building muscle by attending the gym merely three days weekly.

cardiologist lost 30 pounds
cardiologist lost 30 pounds

• A heart specialist who lost weight and gained muscle revealed that he engaged in workouts only three days per week.

• His trainer provided the exercises and advice that contributed to his enduring fitness makeover.

• Maintaining consistency and gradually implementing minor yet significant changes over time were fundamental to his triumph.

Shere, in conversation with Insider, highlighted that consistency was pivotal in both muscle building and fat reduction. He emphasized the importance of identifying exercises that could be sustained over time.

“The most critical aspect was maintaining consistency. It wasn’t about anything intricate. Basic exercises and gradual overload played a significant role in shedding weight and gaining strength and muscle mass,” he explained. “Adhering to a plan consistently for weeks on end was when I witnessed results.”

In his pursuit, Shere sought guidance from Kunal Makwana, the director and trainer at KMAK Fitness. While based in London, Makwana often coached remotely, particularly focusing on fitness transformations for individuals with South Asian heritage and professionals with busy schedules, such as doctors and lawyers.

Makwana emphasized that the objective was not only achieving desired fitness levels but also ensuring their maintenance.

Shere’s workout routine, as designed by Makwana, was uncomplicated yet effective, involving 45-minute gym sessions thrice a week to build overall muscle and strength. In addition, Makwana integrated quick and manageable daily practices with Shere to bolster his health and perpetuate his outcomes.

Initiating a fitness transformation commences with cultivating habits.

According to Makwana, the initial step with any client involves assessing their existing habits and gradually incorporating healthier adjustments within the first two weeks of training. Makwana’s approach advocates the “less is more” philosophy, prioritizing sustainable changes from the outset to ease progression into subsequent phases.

Despite clients often desiring quicker transformations, Makwana stressed the benefits of maintaining a consistent pace, even if it seems gradual initially.

For Shere, this involved incorporating more walking into his routine and persisting with his passion for instructing Bollywood-inspired dance fitness classes.

To gain muscle and lose fat, three workouts per week are sufficient.

Makwana transitioned to focusing on fat loss and muscle gain after the foundational habit-building stage.

Given Shere’s demanding profession, the goal was a pragmatic three 45-minute sessions weekly. The regimen involved distinct focuses for each session, including upper body, lower body, and a mixed day.

Typically, Shere’s workouts entailed four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions with brief pauses between sets.

Upper body workouts encompassed exercises targeting shoulders, chest, arms, and back:

while lower body routines aimed at glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Shere adhered to the same exercises from week to week, facilitating progress tracking and recognizing strength gains through incremental weight increases.

The principle of “progressive overload,” where muscles are consistently challenged for growth, remained pivotal.

A practical warm-up allowed him to spend less time at the gym.

With limited gym time, Shere streamlined his routine through an efficient warm-up strategy.

Instead of a traditional 20-minute treadmill warm-up, Makwana introduced a more effective approach, using lighter weights to mimic upcoming exercises.

To sustain weight loss and perpetuate it, a sustainable routine is imperative

Shere’s past attempts to adopt a healthy lifestyle were hampered by busy schedules and distractions. Working with a trainer and adhering to a structured fitness program enabled him to remain focused for months.

Gradually elevating workout intensity and integrating healthier habits progressively, rather than attempting drastic changes all at once, transformed fitness into a natural and adherable routine beyond the initial transformation.

Makwana emphasized the cumulative impact of these small adjustments over time, underlining the concept of viewing fitness as an ongoing, indefinite journey rather than a mere short-term transformation.

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