China Was So Freaked Out: Air Force Flew F-35 Fighters and B-52 Bombers

The United States and its friends are sending a message to China by doing a series of exercises together. These exercises show that they can work together effectively.

Air Force Flew F-35 Fighters
Air Force Flew F-35 Fighters

Last month, the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and France brought 23 planes to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, which belongs to the U.S. This was part of their yearly practice called “Exercise Mobility Guardian,” which they’ve been doing since 2017.

The planes included different types from the U.S. Air Force:

  • Five F-35 fighters from Utah’s 419th Fighter Wing
  • One B-52 bomber from Louisiana’s 2nd Bomb Wing
  • Two KC-135 tankers from Washington’s 92nd Air Refueling Wing
  • Two C-17 transports from California’s 60th Air Mobility Wing
  • One C-130 from Arkansas’s 19th Airlift Wing

Other countries also joined in:

  • France brought four Rafale fighters, an A400 Atlas transport plane, and an A330 MRTT plane
  • The United Kingdom had an A400 Atlas from its Royal Air Force
  • Canada participated with a C-130J and a CC-150T Polaris from its Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Japan sent one C-130H from its Air Self-Defense Force
  • Australia contributed a C-130J from its Royal Australian Air Force

The B-52 bombers were also there nearby.

During these exercises, the planes practiced things like moving troops, refueling while flying, evacuating sick or injured people, and coordinating in emergencies.

General Mike Minihan, who is in charge of the Mobility Air Force, said that these exercises show how important it is for everyone to work together effectively. He thinks that by doing this, they can be ready to handle future challenges and protect common interests with their friends.

Guam Is Likely to Be in the Front Line of Any Future Conflict

In case there is a war, Guam could be a target for China’s military. They have missiles that can reach the island, and Chinese propaganda has even shown attacks on U.S. forces there. A report from the Pentagon in 2022 also mentioned that more of China’s missiles could hit U.S. bases on the island.

John Rossomando, who has expertise in defense and counterterrorism, has shared his views on these matters and his work has appeared in various publications.

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