Don’t Fall for It: 13 Items to Avoid Purchasing on Your Next Walmart Trip

Walmart is often the biggest store in a town and says it’s the best place to get good deals. But that’s not always true. Here are 13 things you shouldn’t buy at Walmart if you want to save money:

13 Items to Avoid Purchasing on Your Next Walmart Trip
13 Items to Avoid Purchasing on Your Next Walmart Trip / Credit: Shutterstock


Walmart has some fantastic deals on other appliances, but not on vacuums. Avoid purchasing a vacuum at Walmart and instead consider membership organizations like Costco or Sam’s Club, big box stores like Best Buy, or internet sellers like Amazon.

To get the best deal on your next vacuum, make sure to browse around.


There is a lot of meat available at Walmart, but it is not of the greatest caliber. According to Consumer Reports, customers’ top grievance is the caliber of their meals.

Meat / Credit: Shutterstock

Freshness, taste, and selection are all included in this. Even if buying groceries or meat locally may cost a little more, the quality and enjoyment are frequently worth the extra money.

Wood Furniture

Walmart was my first choice for furniture after graduating from college. One minor issue is that the wood furniture is at best of mediocre quality.

Materials are frequently made of particle board and degrade quickly. This is also supported by studies. It might function in an emergency, but investing in higher-quality furniture usually results in higher quality and greater happiness.

High-End TVs

Expensive TVs at Walmart might not be the best quality. Look at Best Buy or Costco for a better picture and features.


For every product, Walmart doesn’t have a good selection. That includes devices like refrigerators and washers.

The majority of outlets offer limited selections and don’t stack up well versus other big box merchants. If you’re looking for a large appliance, have a look at places like Best Buy or Home Depot.


When traveling, your luggage may take a hit, therefore you want durable luggage. When traveling, a broken suitcase simply causes frustration.

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According to Consumer Reports, if you buy baggage from Walmart, you might run across that problem. L.L. Bean and Amazon are better places to buy luggage. Although it will cost extra, it is worthwhile.


Walmart might have hard or tasteless fruits and veggies. Try local farmer’s markets or other stores for better quality.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are good presents, but you can find them for less than face value on other websites or at Costco.


Walmart’s batteries might not be the best. Costco’s Kirkland batteries are better and cheaper if you need a lot.

Books and Music

Walmart enjoys concealing itself under the myth that they are the industry leader in low prices. That’s not always the case, particularly with media like music and novels.

For both prices and selection, Amazon frequently outperforms the shop.

Prepaid Phone Plans

Walmart’s prepaid phone plans might cost too much. You can find cheaper plans that use reliable networks like Verizon or AT&T.

Party Supplies

Without a doubt, Walmart frequently offers excellent discounts on party items. They are still beatable, though.

The exact supplies you need for a party are frequently available for less at dollar stores. Spending too much money on something that will most certainly be thrown away makes little sense.


Walmart has a wide selection of toys. One issue is that the pricing is frequently not very competitive.

Toys for kids are frequently less expensive on Amazon or other sites. To get the greatest bargain, it pays to compare prices, just like with other purchases.

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