I’m a former flight attendant. Here are 9 things I do every time I fly as a passenger.

I used to work as a flight attendant for a really long time, and I still do certain things when I’m a passenger on a plane. Here are some of the things I do:

former flight attendant
Former flight attendant

I consistently reserve a window seat

Everybody has their own tastes, but a window seat is the best option for me.

Yes, you might have to squeeze past other passengers to use the restroom, but depending on how full your bladder is, it might not happen very frequently. However, it is worthwhile to ask to leave the row in order to have my own armrest and a place to put my pillow (the middle seat is always left empty).

Additionally, by avoiding the aisle seat, I can keep my elbows safe from carts and passengers during the flight.

I change into pajamas after I board since it’s difficult for me to not look presentable

so’s difficult to break the habit of always having to look your best when traveling for work after having to do so for years.

I always dress perfectly for the flight and get my hair and makeup done, but once I’m on the plane, I go to the restroom and change into my loungewear.

Since it’s difficult to forecast how hot or chilly a flight will be, I usually pack comfortable, lightweight clothing that I can layer. I stay away from tight waistbands and go for wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

A necessary travel accessory are hotel slippers

I enjoy taking complimentary slippers from hotels on lengthy journeys.

They’re ideal when you don’t want to sit in a pair of uncomfortable shoes but don’t want to expose your socks to the other passengers, regardless of how adorable they may be. They are also simple to put on and take off.

When I walk to and from the bathroom, I also wear slippers. After working as a flight crew, I’ll never enter a lavatory on an airplane without wearing footwear that is more substantial than socks.

Additionally, you can discard the slippers after a flight.

I ensure that my seat is far from the bulkhead and facilities.

There are methods to make your voyage more enjoyable during the booking process by taking a look at the map in advance, even if you never know who you’ll wind up next to when you choose your seat.

For instance, because I am aware of how crowded and noisy a restroom or galley (where food is cooked) will be, I never reserve a seat there. Additionally, I steer clear of bulkhead seats, which are frequently reserved by parents of young children since they have room for bassinets.

Any flight requires the use of my SPF

I always remember to put on sunscreen before a flight. Flying can affect my skin, so I take care of it by using a moisturizing mask and SPF 50. On shorter flights, I make sure to use good moisturizer, vitamin C serum, and strong SPF.

It’s convenient to bring my own food and beverages

I bring my own food and drinks. Airplane food can be too salty and sugary, so I bring my own meals and healthy snacks. I also drink lots of water with added electrolytes to stay hydrated. This way, I don’t have to wait for the plane’s food service.

I determine how many rows away from the closest exit I am on every flight.

Before takeoff, I count how many rows I am from the closest exit. This is a safety measure I learned from my training as a flight attendant. It helps me know how to find an exit quickly if there’s an emergency.

I won’t be found answering the phone if you watch.

I avoid using the call button for flight attendants unless it’s a real emergency. I know they’re busy, and I don’t want to bother them with small things. If I need something from my bag or have a question, I won’t press the call button.

So, even though I’m no longer a flight attendant, these habits stick with me when I fly as a passenger.

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