Very Confused Adults: 15 Basic Things That Actually Needed To Be Explained

Sometimes, you might think that when people grow up, they understand all the basic stuff in life. But surprise! There are adults out there who need a little extra help with simple things. Here are some examples:

15 Basic Things That Actually Needed To Be Explained
15 Basic Things That Actually Needed To Be Explained / Credit: Deposit Photos

These 15 Basic Things That Actually Needed To Be Explained

Are Eggs Vegetables?

Although we have eggplants, eggs do not originate from them.

One participant in an online discussion recalls how a valedictorian with numerous academic honors declared eggs to be her favorite vegetable.

She believed they were grown underground, much like potatoes. She believed they originated from the “egg seeds” that people scatter among hens. I’m not sure how she managed to believe it for 18 years. I’m perplexed as to how she was exempt from legal helmet requirements. Adds he

Are Eggs Dairy?

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about eggs, and we still don’t know if they evolved before chickens or not.

I had to explain to someone that eggs were not dairy products, one user who works in a supermarket shop added. Because eggs were located next to milk in the grocery store’s refrigerated section, they claimed that they were dairy products.

No Money Means No Money

A casino worker had to teach a customer that if you have no money in your account, you can’t pay for things. The customer thought they could pay with a check that had no money.

How Does a Fax Work?

Some people still don’t understand fax machines. They thought it was like a teleporter, but it’s not.

A Titanic Confusion

One person got mixed up about the Titanic. They thought it wasn’t a real ship because it’s been 100 years since it sank, but they forgot that people in movies don’t age.

The Kite Concept

One person was confused about why kites don’t fly away. The answer is simple: there’s a string holding them.

Can Vegans Eat Fish?

Some people argue with vegans about whether they can eat fish. Fish are animals, not reptiles.

Contagious Epilepsy

One person had to explain to someone that epilepsy is not contagious. The person thought they were spreading epilepsy to others and got mad.

What is Ham?

One person had to explain that ham comes from pigs, not birds.

Do Not Microwave a Phone

Microwaving a wet phone won’t fix it. It will actually make it worse.

Metals in the Microwave

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t put metal in a microwave, but someone tried it because they didn’t know better.

How Do We Get Wool Off a Sheep?

It’s probable that you wouldn’t comprehend how sheep give wool if you didn’t grow up on a farm. But if you enter college with no knowledge, you are at fault.

Among the comments is this: “Had to explain to my college classmate, and later president of the student council, that you do not kill a sheep for its wool.”

What is Scotland?

Someone needed to be told “That Scotland is a country and not (as she thought) a theme park,” according to a participant in an online discussion.

To be fair to them, the UK can be somewhat perplexing.

Dogs are Humans, No?

Someone’s mom asked if dogs are humans, and the answer is definitely no.

When’s July 4th?

Sometimes, people forget simple things like when the Fourth of July is, even though it’s always on July 4th.

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